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2022-2023 ICCO World PR Report
2022-2023 ICCO World PR Report

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It's Time To Prioritise

By Ahmad Itani, PRCA MENA Chairman, ICCO Middle East President and Cicero & Bernay Communication Consultancy Founder & CEO
Extracted from the 2022-2023 ICCO World PR Report

The World PR Report, the definitive study of the global public relations industry, conducted annually by the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), is a fundamental look at the state of global PR practices and the trends and initiatives affecting and influencing its progress.

When it comes to insights from the Middle East, the GCC seems to continuously take the lead, with Dubai and Riyadh at the forefront. Whether born and raised in the GCC or recently relocated here, there’s a desire for people the world over to experience the pace and manner through which such cities develop.

The ICCO World PR Survey serves as a mirror for our industry to assess how counterparts around the world feel about areas that impact us. Year after year, we witness perspectives that suggest improvement in attitudes or take-up of key elements, whether technological in nature or addressing corporate responsibility.

We analyse these with an appreciation of the numerous factors steering differing results and recognise that our entire region doesn’t have the historical framework of Europe and North America but has been on an enviably fast-paced catch-up for decades. This year, the issue of attracting the right people is proving to be a topic for discussion, and we see this reflected in the survey’s talent questions.

Marketing agencies in the UAE feel that staff retention and recruitment are what firms in the next 12 months are keenest to focus on, especially considering the welcome policy and visa changes the government continue to introduce. Across the board, the industry worldwide believes that retention is the most difficult element of their talent strategy; however, one foresees that at some point, there will be a shift regionally and that national developments geared at addressing these problems produce desired results. The UAE has introduced several measures to improve employee happiness.

Companies themselves have adapted to a more convenient shorter working week, which has been a morale booster.

The ME and Africa both believe, more so than others surveyed, that their staff demographics reflect that of the country. Diversity implementation is at an impressive level; even anecdotally, we see that both the demographic spread of the talent pool and the office makeup align with the ethnic personality of the UAE.

Almost half of those surveyed claimed to have experienced mental health issues in the previous 12 months. 43% said that their organisations had measures in place to support such occurrences, a number that grants the industry scope to push on for better

Ultimately what this report offers is a chance to reflect on the ways in which we can be better. There are plenty of areas we are the best in the world, with support provided for staff being something we could certainly continue our good work toward. Additionally, an improved understanding of the talent in our offices boosts morale, increases productivity and generates greater optimism about the years ahead for the PR and marketing industry. The future will always be bright.

Click here to download a free copy of the 2022-2023 ICCO World PR Report: World PR Report

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